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Static IP. What is second best?


I have a friend who has a small security system.  The system includes 4 cameras which enable him to view his home while he is away.

The achilles heel about the whole thing is that he  can't / won't buy a static IP.

So long as he knows the WAN IP for the router,  all is fine. If Ma Bell gets cranky and gives him a new IP for his DSL modem then he is digitally blind.

Is there a way to keep track of the IP that Ma Bell has leased to that DSL modem?
Is there another solution.?

1 Solution
You can use dyndns.org

This is a DNS server in particular to point to dinamyc IPs and get name resolution. You can install a program in any computer in the home network and this tool will automatically change the IP for the new if it changes.

See www.dyndns.org
We use it with many clients and with it, you would access for example your home cameras with mycamerashome.dyndns.org or something you like with the end of dyndns.org

Therefore it's free for non commercial use.
peispudAuthor Commented:
This person leaves his home for months at a time.

Will he need to leave a computer running at all times at his home for this to work?

If so, the computer would be need to auto start on power-on (in event of a power outage).  Is this correct?

I would prefer to not have to depend on a computer running at his vacant home.

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Another option is no-ip.com.
Some routers (for example from AVM) can be configured to update their dynamic DNS-entry by themselves, so you don't even need a computer running in your network to always find access to your router.
A FREE option is no-ip.com

They allow FREE use of up to 5 host names on their system and have a FREE app to update a changing ip automatically ( http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php?page=win )

Works like a charm & I have used them for over a decade!
Dyn.com (aka DynDNS.org) hasn't been free for quite a while if you didn't get grandfathered in.

Many routers (or 3rd party firmwares) have multiple dynamic DNS options... look for a section named DDNS in the router's setups and after entering your account info they should update the service for you automatically whenever a new IP is detected.

DDNS Choices in DD-WRT
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Note, if you're going to go with a cheap router like Linksys or some other router that costs under $200, AND he's going to be away for LONG periods, it's possible the router could need a reboot.  You probably should look into a business class router that supports DynDNS services and is typically far more reliable.  MINIMUM I'd expect to spend on this is $200 and I probably wouldn't feel comfortable with anything under $300-400.
peispudAuthor Commented:
Thank you

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