unable to relay. 2007 exchange (this has to be a simple fix)

I have recently taken on a new client with a sbs2008 server. I have setup his exchange which was fubar'd from the previous guy. I can receive emails perfectly. When I try to send emails, I cannot send them to anyone outside of the domain.

I telnet into port 25 and I can get an okay sender but if I rcpt to someone outside the domain, it says unable to relay. Even if I telnet from within the server itself to localhost I still get unable to relay.

Whats weird is I have copied the exact send and receive connectors from another server I have setup that works 100% fine.

Any ideas as to why I cannot send to the outside world? Thanks!
E J PopeAsked:
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E J PopeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found out the idiot that managed this system has changed the servers ip address multiple times. The DNS server reminded me of a plate of spaghetti. I've sorted it all out and it now sends emails appropriately. At least the few tests I have done so far. If it's one thing I learn, is you make sure you know what ip address you want the server to have for the life of the server from day 1. I know it is possible to change the IP, but its a pain in the ass to change everything else involved with that task. *sigh*

I almost wish there was some serious regulation on our field to keep the idiots out.

Saddest part is this guy is teaching IT at a respectable college too. wtf?
Some antivirus programs block the host computer from sending out mail on port 25 to prevent your computer from sending mass mailing worms.
E J PopeAuthor Commented:
If that were the case then i wouldnt be able to connect at all. Plus this pc atm has no virus protection yet.
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I am stumped then. However, there are some seriously good Exchange server techs in the Exchange server zone. I requested a moderator to add this thread to that zone for better help.

My mail expertise is within Netscape mail. Same concepts, but not exactly the same means to navigate to a resolve. If in my situation, I would be concentrating on the Sendmail switch.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Please request the moderators to add Exchange server as a category.

What is the exact message the senders get when the mail they sent is refused externally. Also check for messages in the queue viewer.

Also incoming and outgoing for external domains has to be specifically configured in Exchange 2007. Have a look at the following article.

In Exchange 2007 the story is entirely different. Exchange 2007 does not send outgoing e-mail to the external world just like that. Meaning, after the installation of an Exchange server 2007 machine, you must manually configure it to be able to "talk" to the external world. You do so by creating a send connector by either using PowerShell or EMC (Exchange Management Console).

Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Why are you so rude?
E J PopeAuthor Commented:
I just don't understand how someone can be a college professor and screw up a server as bad as he did this one. This whole office looks like it was set up by a kid in high school that just started his first IT class.

His routing was screwed in every way. He had no idea how to setup GP and that is a whole other story I could write a good page or two about. He completely turned off exchange because he could not figure out why it would not work after he has changed the IP address.

His backup plan using backup exec 12.5 makes him look like he never picked up an instruction book or even bothered to call the support line. He has his plans set to incremental only with infinite no over write allowed. His last full backup was almost a year ago with a TON of incrementals and a few failed ones at random places.

I'm not rude. I'm blunt.  :) No I do not know everything, but to be hired as a college professor I better be able to know how to set up exchange on a sbs server with at the least basic settings.
E J PopeAuthor Commented:
I solved it
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