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Greetings, Experts.

I'm attempting to obtain a vendor database or online resource that contains a wide range of makes & models of servers from Dell, HP, Supermicro, Sun and other major manufacturers. I'm in the process of building a server support interface that needs to include a wide range of pre-existing hardware in an interface similar to the way car manufacturers and models are typically organized and presented with pulldown menu options.

Any ideas where I could obtain this information? Thank you!
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I have an idea: ask the vendors to cooperate with you.

Alternatively, go to a vendor's support web site and scrape the makes and models and variants.
What you are trying to do is going to require several full-time employees perpetually. Even the biggest distributors don't try to build a multi-vendor configurator.  Too much work and it is a constantly moving target.

You will NEVER get a return on an investment.  Even HP's online configurator isn't infallible and the channel often has to go to HP to verify compatibility.

I suggest you forget the whole idea. It is unworkable if HP is a vendor. Probably unworkable if either Sun or Dell is also a vendor.  Supermicro can be done, but you better have budget for full-time employees to maintain and verify it.  Even Supermicro hasn't provided such a configurator for their own use.
HP's easy, you can download the partsurfer DVD.
bobexpertAuthor Commented:
I'm in the process of contacting the manufacturers directly and have begun scaping away in their support sections.

Thank you for the input and I appeciate your time.
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