Windows server2008 r2 sp1 folder redirection GP not applying to XP clients

I just migrated from a SBS 2003 server to windows server 2008r2.  I created a NEW folder redirection policy and applied it to the domain, not the OU.  The policy has applied to all of the windows 7 machines, but not the XP.

I have ran gpupdate /force multiple times.  I then rebooted each client 4 times.  The machines are no longer pointing to the old server, they are all pointing to c:\d and S\<username>\my documents and copied the data from the old server.

There are no event viewer entries for Folder Redirection errors from what I can see.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Did you check the settings to apply for windows 2000, Xp, 2003 ??Check the settings
abilitytoAuthor Commented:
Un-fing-believable.   right under my nose the whole 3 hours I spent trying to figure this out.  

I made that change, xp clients updates automatically.

thank you for the easy solution!
Also worth noting, if you run:

gpresult /H C:\gpresults.html
on an affected workstation and open the html file you will see exactly what gpo settings are being applied to it - useful for future troubleshooting!
abilitytoAuthor Commented:
Thanks GM.
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