turn back on error dialog box when compiling a project

I turned off the error dialog box accidentally when compiling the project.
Where can I turn on that feature again?
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Obadiah ChristopherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tools --> Options --> Projects and Solutions --> Build and Run --> On Run, when build or deployment errors occur: --> Prompt to launch
Obadiah ChristopherCommented:
Are you talking of Ctrl+\,Ctrl+E?
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
It's the error dialog box when a program is executed.
Then there is a checkbox in left corner to mark it if you don't want to see the dialog again whenever an error in the program occurs. I accidentally mark that checkbox. Now when I get an error that dialog disappeared. Id like to bring it back because it allows an one an option  to run the program when it was successfully build with no error.
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip.
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