.Net winforms or webforms?

I have worked about 2 years in .Net winforms projects. and 6 months in ASP.Net webforms.

Both seem to need very different approach while designing applications and I often wasn't sure if I will be able to do something in webforms that we could do in winforms.

Is it advisable as a developer to stick with either one of .Net winforms or webforms projects? or should I just accept any projects that come my way whether it be winforms or webforms?

I am just concerned if mixing both would confuse me and not let me be an expert in either.

Please advise.

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Well, you are right when you say that both require quite a different approach. And it will really help you target your clients in a better way if you decide to work in one of the areas, either web applications or windows applicaions

Having said that, I work in both the areas. It takes a few projects in each area to help clear the understanding.

I believe, a programmer should be versatile and should be able to help clients decide based on their requirements, as to which platform will be best for them - web application or a windows application.

Additionally, if you have any specific doubts on whether to use Web or Windows for a particular app, I can help clarify that .
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
well, I would rephrase your question to: desktop or web development?

For desktop development you have at least winforms and WPF. Winforms is almost deprecated in favor of WPF which is a more sophisticated UI technology. I would encourage you to abandon Winforms for new projects.
For web development, webforms is still the current technology.
In the middle of both you have Silverlight, which is intended mostly for rich internet applications but using desktop technologies similar to WPF. Silverlight is considered a sub-set of WPF.
Web has more scope though I would say that MS will be treating webforms the same way as winforms in near future in favour of MVC.
"...Winforms is almost deprecated in favor of WPF ..."

I'm afraid this is might be a not very good advice :). Lot of people don't much willing to use WPF, it is extremely slow and not intuitive at all. I have read about some company that moved to WPF and eventually had to re-write all code in C++.

About windows and web applications. While Windows do not really require knowing too much about web applications, web programmers quite often need to use Win Forms, e.g., for administrative tools etc.
Ricky66Author Commented:
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