Add subtotal level to a report

I have a report prints the transaction for each worker
Let's say worker A has 6 transactions , worker B has 4 , and so on.
I make this report
Now I need to put a subtotal for each worker (I mean the sum of Worker wage)
How come please
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmerAsked:
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Mohammad AlsolaimanConnect With a Mentor application programmerAuthor Commented:
i am very sorry for late, and very sorry for i couldn't describe my question well.
i think i already found the answer
please fallow the steps in illustrating photo
When creating the report, group by worker. It will total each worker automatically.

Chris B
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmerAuthor Commented:
I can figure out right now , I think my question was not so clear to you
I was mean that  i already built the report. So in this case what should I do to add subtotals without rebuild my report again from scratch
If you provide a copy of your database here, I or someone else will correct your report.
Remove any sensitive data (names, email addresses etc), just leave a dummy sample, compact and post.

Chris B
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmerAuthor Commented:
maybe  i couldn't describe my question well.
thanks a lot for taking care , and good luck
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