Sketchup 3d model - can't 'send to' 3dvia scene on

Hi there,

I have created a new scene in google sketchup, exported as DAE and KMX file and uploaded to the 3dVIA website (I have created a free account!).

I want to create a walkthrough using 3dVIA the rouble I have is that there is no option to "send model to scene" as suggested in the many tutorials that I have found online.

Can anyone help or suggest a way forward with this?
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silverkornConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not aware of a solution to be able to run the software on a Mac, sorry
as from here:

that button/option was removed from the user interface

more information about the "new" scenes with 3dvia:
heijmerAuthor Commented:
OK  thanks I'll have a look.  Is there an alernative to 3dVIA that allows the user to create 3d walkthrough scenes on a MAC???

currently i get this error

Scenes Player is not available on Mac OS at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

heijmerAuthor Commented:
OK thanks... I'll leave it on here for a little while to see if any one else comes along...
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