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Hi - we have 2 - 8 port Netgear switches that are daisy chained - 1 port is the daisy and we have 7 computers connected to it. Only 1 of the 7 computers has any access to the network or Internet, and all other connections are showing an amber light on the switch. On the computers that are showing amber lights on the switch, the NICs are showing as "limited or no connectivity" at first I thought it may just be a bad switch, but 1 computer works fine. Even if I switch the port of the working computer I still have a connection, which eliminates bad ports. Any help on this would be appreciated!
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
I can't imagine that a switch would care about having IP addresses assigned with regard to the port lights.  But then, what does an amber light *mean* on those switches?  Speed perhaps?

Are these old switches that require either a switch setting or a crossover cable perhaps?  If so then maybe that's the issue here.  I can't figure out quite how but just a wild guess.  In other words, it may matter which port is used for what.  Yet, the one computer works.

So, I agree with Darr247.  What happens if you plug one of those nonworking computers into the upstream switch or some other network?  Do they work then?  Depending on how the cables are connected, could there be a cabling / switching issue downstream?  It wouldn't seem so but ......
do the other pc's have an IP address?
verify the speed/duplex setting?
hodgemAuthor Commented:
No - other PCs NOT getting IP - I could check speed setting, but strngely, this just stopped working the other day, and had worked just fine prior to then.
if you do a ipconfig /release and renew
- does this work on the pc that is connected?
- what does this doe on a non working pc?

have you connected a non working pc to the network cable of a working pc?
If you can switch the working computer to another port and it still works, then it appears the problem is in the other 6 computers.

Though as X-treem points out, it could also be cabling... I would find it odd that 6 cables, which should be fairly static, suddenly all stopped working at the same time.

I would find it more likely that something messed up the TCP stacks or drivers on the other computers, which are all rather dynamic (compared to the cables).

I would concentrate on getting 1 of those 6 working, then see if it's the same problem on the other 5.

The DHCP server's not out of addresses, is it?
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