Adobe Flash player installation error in Remote desktop login

Hi, we have several remote desktop users in a Win2008 R2 Terminal server environment.  Each time the users logged into their remote desktop, the Adobe screen popped up with an error.  
Error msg is: "You must have administrative privileges to install Adobe Flash Player. Pls log on with administrative privileges and try again."  This is with regards to Flash player 11.2.
I've attached the error screen shot here.

Is there a way so that users won't see this msg again?
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ProactivationConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried logging in as admin and updating the Flash Player?  There have been security flaws in older versions, so I'd recommend keeping the player up to date.
You have installed Adobe Flash player like this:

you have
But you have to install it like here:

have to
Otherwise Flash player will try to update always if an update is available. And if the user has no permissions it will fail.
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
Actually, I chose Notify me (option 2).  So what is the solution?
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That's wrong because also the user will get a Notification. If the user wants to install it also fails. You should choose the last option ( 3 ) .
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
You didn't say what the solution is.  Should I reinstall Adobe Flash player and then select option 3?
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
I believe I did logged in as admin.  Will try that when everyone else is logged out one night.
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