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sql server one to many

I have two tables I need to relate.  In table A, we have part#1, part#2, and part#3.  In table B, we just have part#.  How should I go about connecting these tables?  Table A has 3 different part fields in case the user needs to use 3 parts.  Table B has the part#, part description, and Qty on hand.
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If you are reluctant to change your design then you can create a view and can use joins or union all as per your requirement and design.
So, main thing is on what basis you will join? That should be coming from your side. Check the values what will link in both the tables.
And yes, if you can manage to give resource and design changes, you should consider the expert's advice to do some normalization. If not than another experts advice of creation of view is also good.