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Access Cisco Lab remotely


I am just setting a home lab for ccna practice. I need to access the lab remotely, how should I do it?

Right now
Cable Modem/Router(with wireless)>Hub>Cisco Switch or router> Cisco Lab

I need to access Cisco lab from outside, is there any way?
GNS3 or any other simulator is not an option. I am getting one IP address from my ISP
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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Jody Lemoine

Another way is to use SSH tunnels. If you have a Linux/Unix box on your network (or SSHD for Windows, for that matter) you can access your entire lab through a single forwarded port. Start by forwarding 22/tcp (or whatever other port you would like to use) into your SSH server.  On the client, you specify local port forwarding by indicating the local port you want to access the remote device with, then the LAN IP of the remote device and then the port you want to connect to.  So, if you're connecting via telnet to eight routers on IP addresses, you would do something like this:

ssh -L 2301: \
 -L 2302: \
 -L 2303: \
 -L 2304: \
 -L 2305: \
 -L 2306: \
 -L 2307: \
 -L 2308: user@host

Once you're logged into the host via SSH, you will be able to connect to the routers by using separate windows and opening telnet sessions to (localhost) on ports 2301-2308.

If you're using a Windows client, replace the ssh with putty and put everything on one line like this:

putty -L 2301: -L 2302: -L 2303: -L 2304: -L 2305: -L 2306: -L 2307: -L 2308: user@host

greg ward

What remote access do you need?
why not connect a cisco router to your cable?
if your cisco has an outside ip address it can set up a cisco vpn if you have the right config/ios

Do you want remote access to your PC or a specific piece of equipment in your lab?  Freeware like Logmein can get you onto your PC, and then you can access your devices from there.  Or you'd have to set up a VPN connection on the router.
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William Peck

putting cisco router in front might not be an option for me....as i have iptv from telus and they are doing some kinda shaping on that....
greg ward

How to access, do you want to be able to shh to the devices, this could be done with nat.
Putty can choose which port to use so you can nat every device if you want.

I was thinking the wrong way, i did that with 2 ways.....first with port forwarding to windows pc, then console to on of the core cisco sw.but in that case pc needs to be on all the time. The  other way I choose....port forwarding to core cisco sw from dlink router and them ssh from outside with public ip.
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