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Crystal Report Server Hardware spec

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with crystal report server XI. When i tried to open a subreport, it load for a very long time. i have check the connection with DB server and i doesn't have any problem.

Does it have anything to do with hardware?
i install the crystal report on Dell powerEdge T410 Server. The processor is Intel® Xeon® Processor E5620 2.40GHz, 12MB cache, and the memory is 16GB Memory (4x4GB), 1333MHz, Dual Rank LV RDIMMs for 1 Processor.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Mike McCracken

8/22/2022 - Mon
Kurt Reinhardt

That hardware's fine, in general, for that version of CRS, assuming it's not a virtual server whose hardware specs exceed its hosts..  Chances are you either have a configuration issue or you've got an optimization problem with your actual report.
Mike McCracken

Where in the report is the subreport?

Does the report open quickly in the Crystal designer?


mlmcc, the report does open quickly in the Crystal designer. In the report i put a repetitive on demand subreport. On the subreport, sometime the first page load quickly, but the second page takes a lot of time to load. I don't know where is the problem.
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James Murphy
Mike McCracken

Not sure what you mean by a repetitive ON DEMAND subreport.  

But since an On Demand subreport doesn't load or hit the database until you open it, I doubt that is the issue.

Which section is the subreport in?

How is the subreport linked?
Is it linked n indeed fields>

Does the subreport use a lot of formulas?

Are you referring to the second page of the subreport loading slowly?

Does the subreport load slowly if you open it as a stand-alone report?


What i mean with repetitive is that i put on demand subreport in the group header of the main report so that the link to the subreport will appear on each header.

the subreport is linked using a few parameter and field.

the subreport used only 2 or 3 formula

the situation on the load keep changing. sometimes it takes a lot of times to load the first pages, and sometimes the first page load quickly but the other page load very slowly.  

i haven't try to open the subreport as a stand-alone report in the server. because i think its linked to the main report.

Mike McCracken

The subreport that is linked to the main report i included in the main report.

DO you have it set to REIMPORT on open?
Do you have it set to VERIFY DATABASE on open?

Both could be causing long load times.

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I dont know about that.

Where can check those setting??
Mike McCracken

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