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Crystal Reports very slow to generate report server-side on asp.net application

I am using the latest free Crystal Reports to generate a PDM report server-side and then transmit it to the client.  It is a .Net 4 application.  The generation of this simple master-detail report takes longer than I would like for even small record sets.  Is there a way to diagnose what is taking so long or tips on speeding it up?  I would also be happy for the report to be generated asynchronously and when ready then transmitted to the web client but I don't know how to do this.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Mike McCracken

That version cannot be used except in applications you build.

The typical speed problems are caused by general database speed (use of indexes), poorly designed selection/filtering of the report.

Check the filtering (report select expert).
If you are using formulas or Crystal functions that can't be passed to the database then all filtering is being done on the client.
If you are unsure, post the filter here.

Do you have a subreport?

Are the tables linked on a non-indexed field?
Are you filtering on non-indexed fields?


Thanks for the help!

Yes, I am building and using the report in my asp.net application only.  I load datasets which I pass to the report.  The sets are very small; less than a dozen records so this side seems not to be the issue.  This is all done server-side; I generate a pdf which is what I send to the client.  

The same report will run in 2 seconds but occasionally it will take up to 30.  It seems to run the slowest when it is run the first time in several hours.  Is there some Crystal object which needs to be "kept alive" somehow?
Mike McCracken

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