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Microsoft FTMG Publishing Oracle Siebel

I am using FTMG as a reverse web proxy to publish an Oracle Siebel application. Externally I can get the login page and authenticate successfully. I get the tabs and such however, the main body of the web page returns with "Page Cannot be Displayed". Has anyone encountered this issue? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Suliman Abu Kharroub

While trying to access the published website, open the logs to see whats happning on TMG server.... filter the logs based on client ip.

It maybe depend on the way, how TMG authenticates against the application.
There are two main possibilities:
1.) The user uses his own authentication (identity)
2.) User authenticates against TMG, and TMG authenticates against the application.

If TMG is responsible to authenticate, TMG must be able to access the AD. This is usually the case, if TMG is a domain member, if not, you may have to investigate the Listener settings, and how TMG can access the AD.

If TMG uses Form based authentication on the listener, the backend has usually to provide basic authentication.

Do you have an instruction for your Siebel, how to publish it?

TMG is not authenticating it's going straight to the back end. I ran the logs and it looks fine. The user can log in and get to the page. The navigation tabs show up fine but the data in the center of the page comes up with "page cannot be displayed".
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James Murphy

So, then the question is, if it is really TMG related or if there is somthing with the IIS, what avoids it.

There are two points of investigation:
1.) On the TMG, you can enable the life logging and filter it to the traffic between the server and the test client to see, if connections are denied.
If it is pure HTTP/HTTPS, it may be one of the filter functions on TMG, which does not allow parts the traffic. As the default HTTP traffice passes a special web filter, which is responsible for handling functions like URL filtering, malware, compression and other stuff, this functions need sometimes a little bit customizing or maybe a work around.

Also, if you can test it easily, you may just disable all the Web-Filters for a moment, but reboot or restart firewall services. Just to see, if something changes.

2.) From IIS site, you can enable the logging on the Web-Site in IIS, which hosts your site and see, what you can find in the logs. There you can see, who tries to get content and what is the resultcode of the request.

The third option may be, that there are connection beside just to call the website, which needs a direct connetion to other services (maybe directly to Oracle), which are not allowed on TMG. But you would see such denied connections in the TMG life log.

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