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Filemaker Pro 10 drop-down list editing restriction

Is there any way to restrict user from entering data in a field that is setup with drop-down list that uses values from a field in a separate database in Filemaker Pro 10. It appears that if you get the value from a field the "Include “Edit...” item to allow editing of value list" is grayed out. Currently the user can enter the field and select the arrow to show and hide the list or just enter data into the field that is not on the drop-down list. I want the users to only use the data from the field in the separate external database. The reason for the separate database is that I have 3 seperate databases that use the same value list information and do not want to have to maintain the value lists in all 3 databases for additions or changes.
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John O'Connor

8/22/2022 - Mon
Will Loving

I think the simple solution is to use a Popup Menu rather than a Drop-down list. This will prevent users from having the ability to enter the field.

It's also not necessary to keep the value list in a separate database just for the value list. Value lists that exist in one file can be referenced in another file, using the "From another file..." option, which is what I assume you are doing already.
John O'Connor

I tried the Popup menu, but in my case as there are over 200 items in the value list and it is kind of cumbersome to only have the scroll arrow at the bottom to get through the list as opposed to the scrolling bar and being able to enter the first letter using the keyboard to get to the value quickly in a drop down list. Any other thoughts?
Will Loving

A popup menu will also jump to the first item with a letter if you type it.
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William Peck
John O'Connor

Unless there is something that I missed, I tried that but it does not, you have to use the arrow at the bottom. If I select a letter on the keyboard it does nothing. I have tried both "use custom values" and "use values from a field" in the edit value list dialog box. I have attached a sample database I have been testing with.
Will Loving

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John O'Connor

Thanks for the information. I don't know why it doesn't work in windows, I thought I was crazy. I will start out by using the validation on the field and might do the script depending on feedback from the people using it.