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Windows 2003 domain controller blue screen with Exchange front end

I have a DC that is also an Exchange 2007 front end, (still learning more information about it) that got a blue screen after trying to virtualize it.  Now, the target VM had a blue screen so the admin deleted the target VM and then booted the original machine.  The original machine now also gets a blue screen.  I'm assuming something was installed causing this..  I have a backup of the system state from 9/28, Inetpub folder from 9/28, and a system folder backups (c:\windows folders) from 9/30.  Now, this is not the only DC in the domain.  Any suggestions on first steps of action?
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And since the new server will be an Exchange 2007 CAS role (assuming a new instance is the route we go with) they would simply install Exchange CAS role, correct?  It's a member to a cluster but only as a CAS
As suggested easier to rebuild, join, promote, and make a new FE.