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Issuing a browser command, without opening a browser

I am trying to connect my Access database to a VoIP phone system (and get it to dial).  

The phone system (3CX) has the ability to take commands via a browser and it works really well (send a hyperlink, phone dials).  However, each time I dail a number, it opens a new browser window, meaning that if I need to make 50 calls, I'll have 50 browswer windows opened.

Is it possible to issue a browser based command without openning IE, Chrome etc?
Thank you.
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James Williams
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Have you tried

Fiddle2   Can send Commands like a browser.

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Thanks Selvol - Interesting little app.

However, I'm really trying to avoid additional third party products as we will need to roll this out to multiple users on multiple sites.
Fiddler is a neat tool, but I don't think it's going to help you with this.

How are you opening it now? Are you using something like FollowHyperlink?

If so, show the full code that you're using (with any sensitive data removed, of course).

IIRC, FollowHyperlink will always perform the default action, which in the case of a URL would be to open the default browser, and launch the URL.

You could include a hidden webbrowser control on your form, and then set the .Navigate property of that to your VOIP URL.
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I ended up using the Microsoft Web Browswer - ActiveX object, which did the trick.

Thank you (everyone), for your help on this - As always.