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IE9 Download Bar

When trying to download something from the internet, the download bar down on the bottom of the screen does not pop up.  The one that shows Run, save and save as.

If i click on the download button  4-5 times, I will see the iexplorer.exe process running several time but only one IE window open.  Looks like it is trying to open but hanging in the background.

I have reset the IE settings, installed the latest Java, but cannot download anything from the internet.  Cannot even open my PDF bank statements that typically open in a new window.  I have disabled pop-up but still no luck.

Any ideas of what I should try?
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Uninstall and Reinstall the IE9 update from add/remove programs. Remember you have to display Updates to do so.
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Try another more decent browser.
Clear IE cache and cookies.
Disable all unnecessary IE addons/accelerators.
Check if your antivirus is interfering with IE downloads, some antiviruses do that.
Only to test disable AV for 5 minutes and try to download something.
If it works with AV disabled ask for support at your AV vendor.
ptsolutionsinc--I run IE9.  My download bar (at the bottom of the screen)  shows Run, Save and Cancel.
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jcimarron, that's correct.  that's how it should be.  on my customer's computer, it does not show the run, save cancel on the bottom of the screen.  nothing can be downloaded.
ptsolutionsinc--Even when you click Run or Save?
You might consider a Repair Install.  Your personal data and installed programs should not be affected.
Many users think nothing is being downloaded, but it really is being downloaded to the default folder.  Click the Gear|View Downloads at top right of IE and then Options.
Run or Save never pops up.  when visiting a website such as a bank and want to download a statement, the statement in PDF never pops up.  I have disabled the IE pop up blocker but still cannot download or open anything that is supposed to open a new window or pop-up.
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