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Strip third+ level domains from a list

Hi,  I'm trying to develop a query to consolidate and get just the 1st and 2nd level domains in a list.

e.g. this query will take

and simply return

Can I do this from a sql query, if so how?
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One way is ...

declare @t varchar(max) = ''

SELECT SUBSTRING(@t,CHARINDEX('.',@t)+1,len(@t)-CHARINDEX('.',@t)+1)

eg: SELECT SUBSTRING(Column,CHARINDEX('.',Column)+1, len(Column) - CHARINDEX('.',Column)+1)
FROM MyTable

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Hmm, close, but that assumes the domain only has a third/second/top syntax, so it turns "fourth.third.second.first" into "third.second.first", which isn't what I want.

Thanks for your help so far!
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Got It!

select distinct reverse(substring(reverse(hostname), 0, charindex('.', reverse(hostname), charindex('.', REVERSE(hostname))+1)))
from MyTable

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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

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Much cleaner, I would never had guess to use PARSENAME as a string function, but it works the same here.
PARSENAME() is a string function, it is just normally used for SQL Server Objects.

Word of caution:  PARSENAME() supports only 4 parts so if you have this, it will break down.  So feel free if you want to withdraw the points.