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extract a line of data from a pdf.

In the attaached pdf I would like to extract the average price only for each commodity. for each month..
Is there a way to do this?
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Frank Helk
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I asked that question in a very poor way..

How do I strip the first two lines of data from a cell and leave the last line values.?
Without doing any real coding, after converting the PDF to a more convenient format, I would recommend to follow this algorithm:

Do for every row
      do for every cell in row
           read cell line as string, strip leading whitespace
           if first character is not digit or "$"
               copy to output
             else if first character is a digit
                 discard value, goto next cell line 
                else if first character is a "$"
                 discard, read next cell line and copy it to output, goto next cell
                end if
      end of do for every cell
end do for every row

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