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How to do a Mass Find/Replace in all HTML Docs in a folder?

We use Dreamweaver, and need to do a Find All/Replace All on all HTML Docs on a website (For example, changing all "Copyright 2011" to "Copyright 2012")
The Dreamweaver Templates are no longer available, so I am not able to do a Replace All from DW since the code is inside a templated-protected area.
DREAMWEAVER USERS: Is there a way to Disable that "template protected area" from DW without having to edit each HTML individually

ANYONE ELSE: How about any Utility to search & replace a data string in lots of (HTML) files in a folder? BBEDIT?
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In dreamweaver, I think the search and replace will work inside of dwt protected areas.  For future, it may be easier to use includes for common areas like headers, footers and navigation.  That way if you need to make a change, you just update one file that is used by many.  The dreamweaver way forces you to do a find and replace which sometimes can cause problems.
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komodo editor can do search and replace in all open documents on a mac.
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Notepad++and BBEDIT both got the job done, thanks.