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HP Thin Client and charging an iPhone


I am running into a problem that I thought would be easy to solve but in reality it really frustrating me.  My users are using HP Thin Client T5550 devices to connect to their virtual destkop.  A number of my users would like to use the USB port to charge their iPhone while at their desk.  When an iPhone is plugged in the user gets a prompt from the Windows CE OS running on the thin client that states "Unidentified USb Device - Enter the name of the driver for this USB device".  The strange thing is as long at that prompt is on the screen the iPhone will charge but if you close this prompt charging stops.  (Note: There is do different if RDP or VM View is used as the USB prompt is coming from the OS on the thin client.)

I have tried to install the usbaapl drivers from Apple directly on the thin client without success.  Surely I am not the only one that has users that want to do this.  I would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this.

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The following instructions will allow you to charge your iphone from your Thin Client:
1 - Download the latest version of iTunes
2 - Open the exe file using a zip program (7-Zip for example)
3 - Find the file "AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi" and extract it somewhere
4 - Open this msi file using the same zip program
5 - Find "" and extract this somewhere
6 - open/browse into this "directory".  In the root of this, you should see 4 files:
7 - extract these files somewhere
8 - On your thin client, log into the administrator account and unlock it (disable the write filter)
9 - After rebooting, log in again as administrator and copy the 4 files to a directory on the c: of the Thin Client
10 - Plug in your iFone and choose to look for the drivers
11 - point to the dir where you saved the 4 files and it should install the basic drivers for it.
12 - commit changes to the flash memory and lock it up
13 - you should now be able to charge the device and  (perhaps) manage it through your thin client app (e.g. View) if you install iTunes on your virtual desktop.
Have you tried with iCharger

Install it and reboot, see if it works.
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@kenycl: I have seen these same instructions posted elsewhere on the internet but was unsuccessful in getting them to work.
@Santasi24: I will need to look at this closer but I not sure this application will run in a Windows CE environment that is present on the HP Thin Client machine.
i can tell you that if you install icharger as it is it will be lost after a reboot as everything is written to the ram rather then the rom.
If he has access to prepare the images then he can present the application to the client.
Quick update... I plan on looking at this closer over the next few days.  More pressing issues have come up.
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WinCe Embedded OS was not possible to handle the USB device (iPhone).  Changing the OS was the solution.