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Open Office Calc: Trouble using Average function

I am having trouble getting an “average” function to work across different excel sheets in Open Office.

In the sheet “RunningAverages” I need to get the average of cells from 52 weeks of data from sheet NorthNextBuilding that will come from cells B4, B55, B106 and so on until I go to the end of the 52 weeks of data. The average of these numbers need to show in cell B3 in sheet “RunningAverages”

I need to do this on all of the cells related to all the other cells under the column named “Sample” and for all of the other sheets as well. I know how to use the average function just not in this case.

I have attempted to construct a formula that way it seems like it should work and you can also see how I need to work as well.

Any suggestions??
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Thank you very much