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How to load a Kindle on a PC onto Kindle reading software on a PC

How do I load a Kindle book that is residing on my PC (Win7 OS), onto Amazon's free Kindle software on my PC?

I have a Kindle e-book currently on my PC with the following extension: epub. I was instructed by the developer that the only way to read it was through Kindle software.

I just downloaded the free Amazon Kindle software so I can read kindles on my PC. I've gone through every single option on the reader as well as looking at the Amazon help site, but I am unable to load the epub document onto the Amazon reader.

Amazon keeps responding that I need to have an Amazon account for purchasing  kindles, but I have already gotten the product from a different source & it's on my PC. I can't believe it's that hard to transfer a file to the software so it can be read!!!

For what it's worth, the Kindle I have is version 1.10.4, last updated on November 4, 2012. And, it was downloaded from: WITHOUT SIGNING UP FOR AMAZON ACCOUNT FIRST.

Thanks for your help.
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