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Weekend Project - Routing ARDrone Between Subnets

Good Afternoon!

This is a home project which I'm working on and need a little advice.  

The Issue
I have an ARDrone which when the battery is connected, starts it's own AP, DHCP server, and has the static address of  Using an iPad, iPhone, or whatever else; you connect to the AP, get a 192.168.1.x address, and are connected.  When you launch an ARDrone app, it looks for to connect.

ReConfig With AP
The range isn't fantastic with the above setup, but extending it is pretty easy.  Basically, I configured a DDWRT router as follows:
- Set router address to
- Set ssid to "ardrone" (open)
- Disabled Firewall

I then connected to the ArDrone's SSID from my laptop and connected to it via telnet.  Using the below command, I reconfigured it to look for and use router's wifi network instead of it's own.  This way, range is drastically extended.

iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid ardrone; ifconfig ath0 netmask up; route add default gw

What I'm Trying to Do
What I'm trying to do is set all of this to where the ARDrone will connect to my home network instead of it's dedicated one.  There are a few benefits this will offer including being able to use internet while connected to drone at same time (for app I'm working on)

Using the command above, I can easily set the IP of the ARDrone via telnet, but all of the apps used to control it look for

I'm trying to hook the dedicated router - - to my current 192.168.0.x network and introduce routes so that both can communicate so that all devices still work and talk.  Since apps look for for the drone, I'd think a route from a 0.x to it would work.

Ideally, I'd like to make it where at any time I can quickly and easily unplug the router from the network, take it offsite and use it without further configuration, then be able to put it back without any reconfiguration when done.

Primary Router - WNDR4500 - - OEM, but latest Firmware
ARDrone Router - Linksys WRT54GS - - DDWRT Firmware
ARDrone - Version 1 - 2.4Ghz Band - OEM, but latest Firmware - Telnet Access

Any Ideas?  Thanks!
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