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Reducing video size to 480 × 320px for iPhone

Unfortunately, I've a video size dimensions: 480 × 270px.
Codecs: H.264, AAC and 16:9.
With subtitles and it fit the width but it leave black gap on iphone screen:
top and bottom of screen see as attached.

Is anyone familiar with as below hopefully to allow full screen video
into 4:2 style and that mean the side will be cropped off.

I've another video size 960x640px and it doesn't work on iPhone.

I've tried Adobe Media but the settings is not easy to configure.
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That is unavoidable when you record the video on the iPhone holding it straight up, if you turn it sideways the black borders will disappear.
To fix the ones you have
Are you running windows 7
Try using windows live moviemaker
drop your clip on then go to file save movie for select from
 the list if you hold your mouse over each choice you get a screen size
User generated imageHere's a quick youtube stating the same thing but shows you
Making Videos with the iPhone Removing the "Black Bars" on the side of frame youtube video help
for a small fee you download this tool if applicable..
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I'm using mac. I don't have a PC.
The video was recorded on a camera (not on iphone).
My mistake I assumed you recorded it on the iphone.
As you said>
Reducing video size to 480 × 320px for iPhone<<<
You have missed a few details, remember we can't see and can only help you based on the details you provide.
If you could add what camera then.
Probably the same applies how you hold the camera when recording.
Sideways gives a different aspect ration.
The format you save it in.
What and how did you transfer to your Mac?
What you need is a video editor that can change the aspect ratio just like a photo
You mention you tried what tool was used there?
Does your Mac come with iMovie?
The format it saved in with two videos I've is:
480 × 270px.
Codecs: H.264, AAC and 16:9.

Codecs: H.264, AAC and 16:9.

The videos it was supplied to me via server.

Yes, I do have iMove.

I've Premier Pro. I only made one DVD video and it is complicated to open one?
Even opening a blank window that require extensive knowledge with premier pro settings as 16:9 in order to change a ratio to 4:2?
Sometimes the wording 4:2 is in disguise and called something else but it means 16:9 or 4:2 etc.
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I've accepted this solution through this and in the end I've abandoned it. It has taken me all day to get this sorted. It is ridiculous for something that should be easy to sort.

The link as above helped to guide me into another solution Adobe Motion and scaled up 119% to fit a 480 x 320 px frame. The right and the left side of the video was cropped out. Its sorted.

Thank you for taking you time to try and find a solution as you're a PC user. I'm a very mac user, unfortunately.
Thankyou Redscrapbook, sorry to hear that, there is a simple a way.
They're not borders actually, they're there because the aspect ratio of the screen is not as wide as that of the film.
How you record from your camera does hold the first key that determines the actual aspect ratio of your video.
Removing these so called borders is not really possible you will just chop off the actual video.
Also a most important part is getting the resolution to exactly 480x320 with no border.
Fixing the recording aspect ratio solves the widescreen issue
Without more details of the camera I couldn't really help as much as I would have liked to.
Could be the model of the iphone.
If it doesn't give any settings to change the aspect ration.
If you only see them on the top and bottom, you can tap the video while it's playing on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then tap the button in the top-right to zoom which will remove the borders but chop off the sides of the video.
All the Best
Thank you. I've weighed the option. I actually liked the original video as widescreen format (16:9) to give the impression of originality. I wanted the option with full screen without touching a zoom in on iPhone when viewing a video. May be you've have to give or take, even iPhone 5 is not perfect. Yes, this is something I've to deal with iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 with longer length. Perhaps, it is a good excuse to use widescreen video ;-)

The settings have to come from a camera to get a right ratio from a word the very beginning. There is no point trying to fix it later as I've learned today. Unless you're good at Adobe Premier Pro.
Yes I understand, thinking outside the circle have you tried Anyplayer?
As you know when you play a video on your MAC in a media player they usually give the option to change aspect ratio,
AnyPlayer supports various video formats playback without converting media format.
During playing video, you can capture screen snapshot, change color effect, adjust playback speed and change the aspect ratio. And you can use full-screen mode and subtitle encoding setting features.

I'm good at everything hense the genius level ;P
That is interesting and I actually downloaded it and played a video from my dropbox. That is very interesting set up with Anyplayer. I've zoomed in effect that play 4:3 ratio (changed the aspect ratio when viewing a video). But it doesn't save anything?
But it does solve the black border wide screen aspect right?
Play now settings for video are not available in most windows media players settings either.
Like remember this video scale and play all video using that. I wish.
But your iPhone does however since this is an application maybe it's something they can add later if requested.
Cheers Merete. Thank you for all your help and I appreciated it. Yes, it does remove the black top and bottom as 4:3 and unfortunately it doesn't save a file. It is a pity after all this into my Dropbox etc but stopped short of saving a file.
Oh good I feel better now..
Hated leaving with no real solutions.