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Excel 2007 charts with delinked data losing data and numeric formatting

I need to consolidate worksheets from a number of different Excel workbooks.  I'm using VBA to do the copying, which works well (by and large).

A number of the sheets contain charts.  I was struggling with "delinking" that data from the charts, but I thought I'd found the solution to that problem.  The only problem is that, when the data series become "embedded" in the chart, all formatting is lost, and I end up with my formatted dates as date serial numbers (less than helpful), and numbers that were previously quite happy as percentages now showing on a scale from 0 to 1.

Is this a problem which can be solved using VBA, or any other method for that matter?
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Jacques Geday
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if you can post some code that is giving you the problem we can then look closer at what could be done better than just opening a sterile debate (that's my opinion at least)
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andrewssd3, you've nailed my problem perfectly.  

That's be right - it works in the versions either side of the one I'm using :-).  I've been trying the "copy the data over" solution, but it seems to want to link back to the source sheet.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to see if I can make that work, so I'll persevere.

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply - at least I know that I'm working with a know problem, and not just completely incompetent.
I had a loop which copied all the sheets, one at a time, which didn't maintain the linkages.  By grouping the sheets, and copying them as one block, the problem is solved - the references all come across cleanly, and refer to the sheets in the new workbook.

Again, thanks for your input.