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How to set partition active (Windows 8 recovery)

Dear Experts,

I bought new laptop from Sony SVE1712xxx. There were installed W8. I created image of full disk via ImageforLinux tools (from It is similar to all other tools on the market.

Now I recovered full disk from archive, but when I try to boot, I receive "Operating system Not Found".

I checked the disk partitioning with Acronis Disk Director and all partitions are there and all of them readable. I.e. it will have something to do with setting which partition should be used for boot.

Please see list of partitions and structure in the picture.

Can you advice?

Many thanks

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download the free Paragon rescue Kit  :
use the Boot corrector tool to modify the partition parameter
Actually modifying boot options with Paragon will not help here. You need to get a copy of Windows 8 DVD and perform startup repair from it.
Your drive is GPT and I am running tests on exactly Sony Vaio machine with GPT structure (1TB, i7 based, UEFI machine).
The problem is that software you've used to backup and restore the machine is not completely compatible with Windows 8 and UEFI structure.
So the only option you should try is - boot DVD with Windows 8 on it.
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Hi, but there was no single DVD shipped with laptop.
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Hi, I solved it finally, it looks that image of disc was done OK, anyway it is just question of bytes (whatever they represent).

The problem was that I originally switched in BIOS from UEFI to legacy boot method.

This way I was not able to start original W8.

But when I switched back to UEFI boot, everything started smoothly.

have  anice day

Heh, that's true. Have met the same trap several times already.
Have a nice day too.