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SBS 2008 - Services Fail to start

G'day all,

I have a client who wanted me to look into their SBS 2008 server. It was used as a terminal server (using XPunlimited) but since they moved it was never setup.

There are multiple services that just won't start:

- Background Intelligent Transfer Service
- DNS Server
- KtmRM for Distrubuted Transaction Coordinator
- Distrubuted Transaction Coordinator
- Microsoft Exchange Information Store
- Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
- Microsoft Exchange Transport
- Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)
- Update Services
- Windows Update Services

Any idea how to tackle this one??
I've tried re-starting the services but none want to come back online.
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Just noticed that DNS Server is stuck on "Stopping" doesn't give me the ability to stop, start or restart.
Make sure your IPV6 enable on the server.

If it's enable then restart the your server and then check. because your mulitple services are stopped and all depends on the other services also.
I can't even load up the networking side of things.
Its just refusing to open.

How else can I change IPV6 to enabled?
Log in to the box with safe mode with networking. Shut the service and make it disabled, restart the box and turn the service on and then see if it works.

Ok will try that...

Also please note that if I plug the network cable in my network falls over. Nothing visually happens on the server side but I have my laptop set to static IP and all the network devices (except switches) are the same to my Router. So I don't see why plugging one computer in would affect my laptop but it does.

Any off to restart in safe mode
Ok I can successfully start up Safe Mode with the network cable plugged in. I have read here:
.. that the issue related to the Virus Software, but I can't get Eset Nod32 to update in Safe Mode because the service doesn't run. Quite a pain and I can't find any where to update the virus database.

Anyway I have disabled the DNS Server as requested and will restart the computer.
Once the box is up, then ensure you manually start the service and note the events that appear.

Also, check which IP does the server point for DNS - is it itself or remote server?

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Fixed all the issues relating to my question