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How to avoid oracle ODBC Driver Connect Popup when connecting to Oracle Database from MS Access

My MS Access application connects to Oracle using ODBC  and a user specific generated password. That is, the user enters the password in the MS Access form. The password is transformed by a function to a user specific DBPassword in the access application.
Using this DBPassword, a connection to the oracle database is made using the following function.

The problem is: If the user enters the wrong password, the function ConnectToODBC fails connecting and shows a popup screen of the ODBC driver - see attached file.

The question is: I don't want this screen to pop up.

I've been searching for hours for a solution and would if anybody could help me.

Public Function ConnectToODBC(ByVal DBUser As String, ByVal DBPassword As String) As Integer
Dim wrkTemp As Workspace
Dim dbRemote As Database
Dim odbc_con As String
Set wrkTemp = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
Set dbRemote = wrkTemp.OpenDatabase("ORACLE_DATABASE_SID", dbDriverComplete, False, "ODBC;DSN=ORACLE_DATABASE_DSN;UID=" & DBUser & ";PWD=""" & DBPassword & """")
odbc_con = dbRemote.Connect
End Function

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I think your problem is in double quotes. Try to remove them:
... PWD=" & DBPassword
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Thanks for the response.
The quotes are not the problem since everything works fine if the password is correct.
The popup appears only if a wrong password is sent to the Oracle driver - anad that is my problem.
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Thanks for the great help.
My customer will be very happy.