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issue connecting multiple computers to vpn

Client computers, windows 7 pro, server computer. Win Server 2003.

Issue client is having is they can no longer have concurrent connections to vpn over wan.

Steps i have tried.

Turn modem off, back on, 1st computer can connect no problem, they can connect and disconnect as often as they want. However. As soon as a second connection is attempted. The second connection hangs on verifying username and password, then fails saying its a firewall issue. Then if the first computer disconects they can no longer connect. Untill the modem is rebooted. This process is the exact same in reverse of computers. If second computer connects first, all is ok.

I have replaced the modem as there previous one died, and the previous one worked fine with multiple connections at the same time. They are using windows VPN and PPTP, connecting to PPTP on win server 2003.

Hope this makes sence
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how many vpn tunnels can the modem/router support I think mine can do about 44 concurrent vpn tunnels
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I have setup the vpn connection at my office with the exact same issue, one computer can connect fine, but the other cannot, untill modem is rebooted then whoever connects first can connect no problem.

as a test, i have remote viewed clients workstation pc, connected to vpn, then connected to vpn on my computer, and also connected to vpn from ipad, all using 3 seperate internet connections to connect and all connnected no problem, so its not server related or destination related i do not believe. Its something i believe in a setting that allows multiple pptp outgoing connections on the same network.

modem / router setting on client network not allowing more then 1 connection?
so like I said routers have different abilities one being multiple pptp vpn connections
Would this be listed in the manual do you know. or is there a site which lists modem models that allow this that you know of
even better would you know of a model which supports multiple pptp passthrough connections?
I have found some modems that say up to 32 vpn connections. Such as the Vigor2820n - Dual-WAN ADSL2+ Router.

Is this what i am suppose to look for. When it says 5 vpn connections or 32 vpn connections for this modem, is this both incoming and outgoing or only incoming.

Why i ask, is this site
under specifications says Up to 32 VPN Tunnels but then also underneath it they say it supports vpn passthrough.
I ordered a Billion 7402NX modem which they say supports 4 out pptp connections.

Have set the modem up, connected to vpn using the modem, but same issue occurs. only 1 computer can connect to the shared folder at a time. Have also tried using the windows vpn software and same issue occurs. only 1 connection is allowed at a time.

anymore ideas?
please.. any help would be appreciated.
vpn passthrough is so say a server can do the vpn server
How does one office connect to another office through a vpn connection, and then all computers can connect to a network resoure. i was advised i needed to get a modem that allowed multiple pptp connections, i have since got that and the issue still occurs.

Can someone please help as to what setting i am missing.
page 73 is exactly the setup we have, and how i have set the vpn up.

All computers can connect to the vpn server. But only 1 computer at a time. For example if they open network share \\data on the server. No other computer can access that share until that user closes the folder.
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Have you checked the RRAS mmc on the Windows Server to see how many PPTP connections it's setup for?
Thank you for the reply, yes i have checked RRAS on the server and 128 connections are allowed.

I have another tech friend who users a Billion 7402GX and that is working 100%. Concurrent connections are good so it must be a setting on the client side of the modem.
yes it must be can you check the client router vpn settings?
i can thats the thing though, as far as i can see they look right, but it must be something i am missing. if it helps i can take some screen prints and upload them for you to have a look
it could be a damaged software can you try and flash it with the current build to see if that gets you any further
yep, already tried latest firmware. no good.
post the client vpn settings then
Have attached a few screen print photos of the billion client router.
also have attached a pdf of a mapped diagram and settings etc of ip addresses and settings of server.
I can only get access to the server using the remote access setting. When using lantolan the vpn connects perfectly but cannot ping the server.

I had a thought when creating the screen prints for client vpn.

The Peer network IP - should this be the address or the address.

I have only tried the 192 No. but that didnt work.

am i suppose to use remote access or lantolan?
lantolan is a wizard pptp setup as its more difficult to setup  a lan to lan if you dont know what your doing

what subnet mask are you using

lantolan should work
the same as the server local ip
so it needs to be in the same ip range 192 yes ?
im not sure. should i change it from to something unique like etc..
if your using lantolan I suspect you don't need to actually as the vpn does the connection
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