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Cannot access http://companyweb via Remote Web Access in SBS2011

http://companyweb Has been setup from scratch on a new SBS2011 build and is accessible from within the LAN.
When you attempt to access it using the Internal Web Site link within Remote Web Access however it will not load ("Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"). This occurs whether you are accessing RWA from inside or ouside the LAN.
Port 987 is open and is redirected to the SBS.
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have you tried using HTTPS ??
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I'm not sure I understand?

The problem I'm having is trying to access via RWA, i.e. Once logged into RWA then I am unable to follow the link to the Internal Web Site.
Did you try to stop and re-start the DNS server of the SBSserver?
I have just done so but no change.
And when you ping to the remote.domain adres? Did you get an reply?? And is the reply from the correct server/ip adress?
Ping to returns a reply from the correct IP.

Having just checked, the link to the internal website which doesn't work (from within RWA) points to, perhaps this is mapped incorrectly?
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Microsoft tracked the problem down in the end