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Offline client copy of SQL database and syncing back

Hi there,

I wanted to ask for some advice - I'm setting up a basic solution for a customer using MS Access and SQL Server as I usually do but they have a requirement that one person could have an offline copy of the database (as he's out and about often) and needs access to the system while making changes offline and that his changes gets synced up to the database when he gets back.  I've never done something like this before so just hoping for some suggestions?

I assume there are a few existing approaches to this so I don't want to re-invent the wheel when there are better ways of doing it already.

Thank you!
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Make a copy of the acual database, and synchronice this database by a stored procedure.


Robert Meijer
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I wasn't aware of Access' replication so I'll have a look at that, not a fan of having data in Access but the client can make the call.  They've ruled out remote access which is very annoying, I tried pushing them down that route.  I've started reading further on SQL Replication as well.  Unless anyone else has any other suggestions I'll close the question
sometimes you have more work into educating your clients than getting the job done...

maybe they could be sensitive to the following argument :
performing replications needs very high privileges which are complicated to setup compared to setting up user accounts with only the needed ones, so it can be much more secure in many situations to allow remote access rather than allowing synchronisations. and anybody that views security as protecting themselves from connections from the outside should not interfere into setting up security policies


if anybody comes up with a neat way to achieve this, i'm eager to know which one
Thanks for this, the customer will make a final decision on whether they go with SQL Replication (requiring a purchase of SQL Server Standard) or the Access replication, but I've looked into both further and both will do the job although I'd prefer the SQL route