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Exchange 2010 OAB not Replicating to CAS Servers

I have a OAB in a brand new Exchange 2010 environment.  This mail environment is fresh and was not an upgrade from a previous environment.  I have a OAB generated by the mail server, and I also have multiple CASHUB servers.  The problem is that the OAB that lives on the MBOX server, is not replicating the OAB Files to the CAS Hub Servers.

For Example:
On the Mail Server under this folder structure exists:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ExchangeOAB\<GUID of OAB>\<Multiple LZX Files> and <oab.xml>.  This looks fine.

On the CAS HUB Server under this folder structure exists: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\OAB\Web.Config   and nothing else.  I believe this directory should have the same contents of the GUID Folder with the LZX files as the Mail Server that generated the OAB.

i have restarted the MSFileReplicationService on the CASHUB's many times, still no luck.

What shoudl I do to ensure that the OAB is replicating to the CASHUB properly? I would like to avoid removing and recreating the OAB if possible, as this may be something as simple as Permission related.
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I would check if there is any errors for FDS on CAS server in Event viewer ?
Do we have only one OAB ? If we have more can we check that or create a test one with few users and check.

- Rancy
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THere is no errors in the event log and  I turned up the OAB Events to High.  There is only one OAB. all appears well, it just is not copying over the OAB (OAB GUID) Folder with the files inside to the CAS servers.
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I did the BPAT with check permissions and all came out fine.  The Get-OABVirtualDirectory appears ok too.

I think the issue is more with the MSExchangeFDS.  If i was to create a folder in the OAB directory on the CAS Server, after a restart of msexchangefds it removes that folder.  Although it does not bring in the OAB GUID\LGZ files.
Hummm .... and you say nothing on the Event viewer ?

- Rancy
LOL, i just found my mistake. I made a boo-boo along the way.

The problem is, that you wouldnt have picked up from my details, is that we have 2 datacenters (2 AD Sites).  We added a datacenter, with its own CASHUB's and MBX servers.  The problem is that we never added the New CASHUB's as Distribution Points for the OAB.  So that was my fault.... here we go again with the Administrators making life more complicated for themselves.

If you add a CASHUB, add it as a Distribution Point to the CAS servers if you wish for it to distribute the oab.  We have a Load Balanced array of cas servers, and it had to be added to each one in my case.
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Dont mind but your saying that even suggestion from any Expert didnt help ?
EXBPA or the Get-OABVirtualDirectory

- Rancy
My suggestions should have helped find this issue