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VMware ESXi 5 - Large Snapshot for SQL server Standard 2008 R2 with CBT enabled on Veeam

HI -

I'm using Veeam to backup our servers. All the servers backup very fast even the problem server SQL. The backup of SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition takes less than 15 minutes and is about 5GB in size. The snapshot created for the C drive (Server 2008 R2 OS) and the D drive (SQL databases) is roughly 400MB each. Why does it take an estimated 90 minutes to remove my snapshots and what can you recommend to esure the snapshots are removed faster?

I do see through vmware my disk read and write reach for the sql server is steady around 18,000 KBps.

On all my other servers the snapshots remove much faster. Sometimes the snapshots are even in gigabytes and take just minutes!

I have the SQL server on a LUN with 15K disks.

Thank you for your input
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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faster disks and Hypervisor host processors will allow, quicker removal of snapshots.

have you considered completing the backup during a "quiet period" for your servers.

Veeam have recently stated, that slow disk subsystems are not suitable for snapshot based backups.
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