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Boot order and change drive letters

I have a machine that has an SSD drive in it as the boot partition running Windows XP Embedded.  
I installed a SATA drive in the machine and installed Windows XP Professional on the SATA drive.
When it boots up, it shows the choice to boot from Windows XP Professional (this is the SATA drive) or Windows XP Embedded (this is the SSD drive).
I choose Windows XP Professional and it boots without issue from the SATA drive, but when I go into Windows Explorer it is showing the SSD drive as the C drive and the SATA drive as the E drive.  When I go into Disk Manager and try to change the drive letter of the SSD drive it says you can’t change the drive letter of the boot partition.  I looked in the BIOS and it shows the SATA drive a Primary Master and it shows the boot order as the SATA drive then the SSD drive.  

How can I get rid of the operating system choices at start up?
How can I make the SATA drive the C drive boot partition?

I would like to keep the SSD drive intact and be able to access the files on it or restore the machine back to its original state if necessary.

Any help is appreciated.

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Remove the SSD Drive, then reinstall XP pro, making sure you delete the partition you had XP pro installed on, then create a new one.

Once XP is installed, SP3 installed, all Windowsupdates run, and an AV utility installed, you can add the SSD back.
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I think I made a mistake in my desription.  The drive that is storing the XP Embedded is uDOC Storage.  Any way to disable or disconnect that?

I have no idea. Maybe it is a chip you can temporarily remove. Or check your BIOS settings for any options.
I opened the box and removed the ssd drive from the mother board.  Now the system won't boot from ide drive, it tries to boot from network.  Someone told me to reinstall XP now that the ssd drive is gone because there may not be a boot sector on the ide drive.  Any thoghts?


Try booting from the XP installation CD. You may have to check the settings in the BIOS and set the boot priority to boot from the CD/DVD drive first.
It doesn't matter you have to reinstall the O/S a repair install (might work, but I'm not at all positive about this).  I'd format the drive and do a total reinstall because of the drive letter problem noted.

I'm not sure whether or not your Bios has boot priority options.  You can reinstall the SSD but you have to make the spinning drive the first hard drive to boot and if you want to boot from the SSD then make it the first drive to boot.

You could try going into the repair options on the cdrom's first menu. and do a fixboot C: and you have to rebuild the boot.ini and you may not have a ntldr in the root of the hard drive.

Having the drive letter not being C: is because of the limitations of Windows XP (and all os versions <6) that because the boot information is located on the same partition as the actual operating system so it will assign drive c: to this partition. Remaining partitions can have their drive letter changed using diskmgmt.msc or diskpart
the options to select the OS to boot from are found with msconfig >boot.ini tab :

changing drive letter for the OS drive is not a good idea, so i agree a fresh install is best here

most people want their OSon the SSD - any reason you do NOT want it that way ?
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That worked.  I don't need the SSD drive at this point so I'm not going to reinstall it.