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Getting login denied during FTPS login

I have a windows 2008 R2 server which I have loaded Filezilla Server on and configured it for FTPS over SSL implicit. I have forwarded port 22 to the correct server address. Within the local network I can make the connection with no problem. However, when trying from an outside address I am getting the login denied.
I have checked all the firewall setting and do not see where the domain is pushing a port blocking rule to this server.
What do I check and how do I troubleshoot the routing?
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port 22 is for sftp or scp and is completely unrelated with ftps

if it is actually the login that is denied, most likely this is not a firewall setup issue

can you post filezilla's transcript of the session ?
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after trying different settings this morning, i did move to port 990 and forwarded this to the server from the router. i am now getting 'cannot open a data channel' error. This is when i  try from my desk where i am connecting directly to the server.
when i try it from a different server while logged in with RDP then i am getting 'No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it'.
Log shows multiple failures attempting to open passive data channel on ports between 64788 and 64827.  Best to configure an explicit port range, lets say 50000 - 50100 and make sure your firewall routing incoming connection attempts in that range to this computer.
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