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email forwarding from exchange 2010

We have a legacy application which converts email to SMS. It is used as part of the monitoring system for our unix servers.  
It requires outlook express to function.
In order to deliver messages to this application we utilise an internal mail server which accepts incoming messages from our office network via SMTP.  
None of the servers involved have internet connectivity.

However, our MD has sold one of our clients on the ability for us to have this work with emails sent from outside our network.

All our incoming email comes in through our Exchange 2010 Edge server and is directed to our Hub transport server.

What we need to do is for one email address ""  , with a subject line of “smsmessage” to have the incoming emails redirected to this internal email server instead of to the exchange server. is one of our accepted domains, but currently sms is not setup as a mailbox and so would flag as an unknown user.

Is such a thing possible?
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