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For some reasons I cannot open PHPEdit Tutorial. It returns error 404. I am trying to figure out how to open PHP file if the File locates in Web Host and I need to use URL in order to open it. I cannot find how in PHPEdit I can open PHP file through URL. Please help.
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Ray Paseur
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Uhh, give us a hint, please.  What is the URL that is 404?
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When I just open PHPEdit there is a link in right upper corner of the screen "To get started with PHPEdit, you can watch some..."

I am already familiar with "...the Official PHP manual" My question is simple how using PHPEdit I can debug PHP Code running on the remote server. West Host is providing hosting for our company. And question number one is how to open PHP Files on the remote server in PHPEdit when I know only URL?
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I just downloaded the last version of PHPEdit and installed it as evaluation version. Once launched, it shows several panels : in the right one I see

"To get started with PHPEdit, you can watch some tutorial videos on your youtube channel." The url is Clicking on it, it opens a new tab in the right panel (an internal browser) and correctly shows videos' list.

I suggest you to ask to PHPEdit support or to check for updates.

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