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I.P Scan

How can I get the I.P addresses  of devices on a network. Can I use a I.P scanner that gives a MAC address wit I.P so I can Know what particular device is tied to that unique I.P. What  utilities would you recommend? Thanks.
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This sounds a little suspicious.

How are IP addresses handed out on your network?  If you use DHCP, there should already be a list.  If you don't have access to it, there's probably a reason for that.
The easiest way albeit perhaps not the most effective is to run a ping scan on the entire subnet range using something like Ping Scanner Pro.
Then, using a command line run:
arp -a

This will give you a list of IP addresses with MAC addresses.

If you don't ping first then some hosts may not be in your arp cache (which is what is being displayed).
There's a few options.

 I particualrly prefer to use off the shelf solutions to do things like this, and then you usually get some really good benefits as well, like software installed, current OS, IP, MAC, hardware...

Some cost money; others are free.  Your main decision would be whetehr to use a program that requires client / server or not.  An example of one costing money would be Network Asset Tracker Pro.  It relies on you having credentials to scan and gather information.  Another that is free would be SpiceWorks, though this relies on an external company to house the results.  A cool program I used to use that used client server was called OCS Next Generation Inventory.  

If you only want MAC addresses, you could try the GETMAC command and batch script it.  A sample would be > GETMAC /s remote_system_FQDN.  I know you're looking for scanning programs, let me do some more research.
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Try Angry IP Scanner.
There are linux, Mac and windows versions there, so be sure you've clicked the correct tab under the ads.

Note that many anti-virus and malware scanners consider it malicious (e.g. microsoft's Security Essentials calls it a HackTool), so you may need to exclude it from your malware scanner.  If you don't have sufficient access level on your computer to do that, then you probably shouldn't be running it anyway.

Before starting your scan, I recommend going into Tools->Preferences and setting it to display only alive hosts. That makes for less clutter in the results. e.g.User generated image
As soon as it's done scanning, open a command prompt and run the arp -a as fmarshall suggested... the MAC addresses should all still be in the ARP cache (if not, ping them again and the MAC should be re-cached).
Right-click in the command window and choose Mark, hold down a Shift key and scroll down and over until the IPs and MACs are all selected, hit Enter to copy it to clipboard, then paste it into notepad if you want a hard copy of them.
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I  like how this program looking would try it.