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client using SBS 2011 and using Workplace. When I have users remote in with workplace  Is there a way to only let them goto connecting to computers screen as opposed to workplace home screen?

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Hi that is correct, but is there a way to only let certain users have only connecting to computer and email but not sharing of files and still let other users have all of Workplaces functions ?

So I'm saying based on a User not global.
Unless I am mistaken there is no way to do that.  You can allow access to the Remote Web Access page based on user, but you cannot allow RWA access and then restrict file access by user.

However, there are two other options:

1)  You can set permissions on those file shares as to who can access on a per user or per group basis.  Everyone accessing the RWA page would see the folders, but only those users with permission could open the folders.  That is done with NTFS/Security permissions on the folder itself.

2)  Instead of using RWA to access the computers you can access directly with the remote desktop client using the TS Gateway Service.  No changes need to be made on the server or router, port 443 is still used, and to see how to configure the client see the "TSGateway Integration" section a little more than 1/2 way down the page in the link below.  Please note though that when using this method, Microsoft requires you to buy a Remote Desktop CAL (Client Access License) for each user (or device) that will be connecting in this way.  With this method you can allow access in this way but deny RWA access in the user's profile in the SBS console.

Let me know if you need more clarification or details.
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Thank You.