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Exchange 2010 Hub Transport Message experation

Greetings Experts,

Here is a new one for me.  I'm in NY and the big storm hit last week.  Thought I was covered by having my small clients shut down their SBS machines.  
Turned them up 4 - 7 days later and old mail did not populate the mailboxes.

I have an external spam server and watched the Queue grow.  When I turned the server's back on, the mail flowed out of the spam server, all good right?  NOPE..

I just found the setting on the Hub transport server where it has message experation set to 2 days.  This makes sense, because the users that I just turned up have mail from yesterday.  

Question is, what happend to that mail?  Anyway exchange has it?  This is a real bummer, never even noticed that setting before.. who turns their excahnge down for more than two days, right?

Any help would be great.. Have lots of users coming back and asking where their mail is..

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Message Expiration would be for those emails that Exchange held on to.

As you said Exchange was shut down for 4-7 days, that meant Exchange didn't even receive those emails, try running Message track and see what Exchange did with those emails

Get-MessageTrackinglog -StartTime -EndTime -Server ServerName

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Hi Exchange_Geek...

Doesn't look like it made it to the logs.  The reason I think it's the setting on the Hub transport, is because I turned a server up this morning, and the only mail that flowed in from the spam server was from yesterday on.  Which would be two days.

I ran the command:
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "11/01/2012 09:00:00" -End "11/05/2012 17:00:00" -Sender "p****"

*Received no output.
Changed the command to the following and received output:

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "11/01/2011 09:00:00" -End "11/05/2012 17:00:00" -Sender "p****"

EventId  Source   Sender                            Recipients                        MessageSubject
-------  ------   ------                            ----------                        --------------
RECEIVE  SMTP     p****                 {smauterstock@ma... hello
DELIVER  STORE... p****                 {smauterstock@ma... hello

**So looks like an e-mail came in from that person another time.
What do you think?
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I ran the command and the e-mail that comes back was from 10/10.  It does not show the e-mail that was supposed to come in on 11/2, when the server was down.

The spam server says the e-mail passed, but when I click on details, it says it was rejected.

This might be a spam server setting, they just told me they only have a 2 day hold on the queue.

Checking further, will get back to you.
It's simple, if Exchange accepted the email - you should be able to track it, if not then your spam server should talk to you about details.