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Cisco 819 Configuration

I have a Cisco 819 which I've configured to work fine.  When I'm inside the network I can use it to access the Internet.
Problem is I'm trying to do two things:
1.  Access the network from outside.  It appears the unit turns itself on when I go out.  But from the outside when trying to get in it isn't available unless I go out first.  I need to be able to get in from the outside anytime.  It needs to be up 100% and ready for me to get to from outside.
2.  I want to configure fail-over from my land line.  If the land line gets severed I'd like to have it automatically use this Cisco 819 to get out.  Not sure how to configure that too.
Please help.
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pleased show the whole config, and please tell us what mean 'landline'?
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You really need to elaborate on point 1 above... I have no idea of what you mean - I am completely out.
The 819 is a 3G/LTE router.

Do you have a static public address from your 3G/LTE provider ?  You might alternatively have a dynamic public address, or a dynamic private address.

Is there a timeout set on the connection on the 819 ?

There might also be a timeout on the ISP side
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cellular 0 cdma activate otasp *22899

chat-script Verizon "" "ATDT#777" TIMEOUT 60 "CONNECT"

username ProdAdmin privilege 15 secret 0

interface Cellular0
ip address negotiated
encapsulation ppp
dialer in-band
dialer string Verizon
dialer-group 1
async mode interactive

ip route Cellular0

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

line 3
exec-timeout 0 0
script dialer Verizon
modem InOut
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LandLine:  T1
If the T1 fails I'd like the 819 3G router to take over for all inside users.
Outside:  From a remote location through the Internet.

We are getting a static IP, however, it appears the only time this router works is when someone from the Inside tries to access the Internet.  Then it opens a connection for a small time period.  I'm thinking I can't get to it from Outside (remote) because it is not open unless someone is trying to get outside.

you might try adding dialer persistant to the dialer config
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Ok... any body on item #2?  Failover
are you using the 819 to connect to the T1 connection as well, or is that handled by a different router ?
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T1 connected on a different router..

so how have you configured failover routing on the other router ?
The general plan would be:

Configure the lan side default gateway ip to be a virtual ip served by both routers, using VRRP or HSRP.

Let the T1 router be the master normally, but have it monitor the t1 and lower its priority if that Interface goes down, so that the 819 becomes master for the vrrp.
In case the 819 does not support vrrp or hsrp, another plan is to:

Connect the t1-router between lan and 819.

Configure two default routes on the t1-router, one out the t1 and the other to the 819. Configure the second route with a higher administrative distance (floating static route).

This give redundancy for the t1 line, but not for the router.
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