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Moving Profiles from Microsoft Server 2003 to Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Foundation

Hi Experts,

We are thinking of replacing a MS Server 2003 with Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Foundation.  This is a very small network and the client wants to make use of the licenses he has.

There is only 4 users but does anyone have any guidance on how we can do a fresh install and migrate over the profiles.  We shall be using new drives and a new tower.

All client machines will be remaining the same.
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Sajid Shaik M
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what kind of licences he want to use...

when u get the server u'll definitely got the license for server... for client cals there are separate licenses.

still want to move profiles 

article step by step

all the best
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Profwiz made moving the profiles easy and worked everytime.  Thanks.