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PowerVault MD3000 Migrate to Dell Equallogic iSCSI SAN

Are there any tools available or best practice documents available that will instruct how to move data off of the MD3000 to a new EqualLogic iSCSI SAN?  Just pushed an Equallogic and looking into the best way to migrate the data off of the MD3000.
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Best practice, I don't know.  Off the top of my head I would set up iSCSI connectors on either a Windows or Linux box and exact copy the data from the MD3000 to the EqualLogic.

The robocopy command is able to mirror data exactly from source to destination.  I'd have to look up the equivalent from Linux.

I forogt to ask, what is the host for the data from the MD3000?  Windows or Linux?
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Almost forgot!  You'll wan tto do a log file with it.  Add the options /Log:filename so that you can audit the transfer afterwards.  You want to know any data that wasn't copied due to being open or or other reason.

Be careful and TEST!  That /MIR option can delete if you're not careful.  I'm trying to locate an example of a mirror script I've used int he past to give you something to go on.
I threw this together as an example:

ROBOCOPY c:\test f:\test /MIR /SEC /SECFIX /R:1 /LOG:robomirror.txt

I had to run it from a command prompt with admin privilage since the C: is protected on my Windows 7 desktop.  The command does the following:

Copies all files from the C:\test directory to a new location called 'test' on the F:\
All files are copied, the security is mirrored, and if the program gets stuck on a file, it will skip after 1 retry.  
The log file (created in my users\username directory, details every file copied and any errors.

The information you provided confirms the expectations!!! Thanks for your quick response and additional resources about the ROBOCOPY command. A++