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Oracle database restore


We have a server that has gone bad and the only backup we got on the oracle database is the files. A shadowcopy filebackup has been running on the DB files avery night.

We allso got a real oracle database that is one year old. Does anybody know if i can somehow make this work again?
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Do you have control file, redolog file and the parameter files backup and available for restore?
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I have all files on disk, what is the name of the files?
What is the error message are you getting with the current DB? If you've all the files just restore and recover the database.

Restore all Oracle files:
- Data files
- Control files
- Redo log files
- Password file (optional)
- Parameter file (optional)

Recovery Process
 shutdown abort
Restore all files using operating system

Restoring to a Different Location, you need to rename ALL the files (control files, redo log files and database files) and modify your init.ora file to show the new path for files.
startup mount
select name from v$datafile;
select name from v$controlfile;
select member from v$logfile;
alter database rename file '/server1/oradata/user_01.dbf' to '/server2/oradata/user_01.dbf';
alter database open;
I have  

CONTROL01.ORA  9,77M  2012/02/10 10:48

CONTROL02.ORA  9,77M  2012/02/10 10:48

CONTROL03.ORA  9,77M  2012/02/10 10:48

  IQREDO1A.LOG  100M  2012/02/10 10:48 25,78M [74%]

   IQREDO1B.LOG  100M  2012/02/10 10:48 25,78M [74%]

   IQREDO2A.LOG  100M  2012/01/12 03:08 23,68M [76%]

   IQREDO2B.LOG  100M  2012/01/12 03:08 23,68M [76%]

   IQREDO3A.LOG  100M  2012/02/01 03:07 25,31M [74%]

   IQREDO3B.LOG  100M  2012/02/01 03:07 25,31M [74%]
Hi again,

the problem is that i don´t have the server any more to restor to, so i must set up a new one and install oracle on that one.

Can i still just copy the files?
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Okey, thanks!

Is this 100% that the database will work or is it somethink i should prepare for in the restore process?