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Error Handling


I've setup a fairly simple error handling system on my website.  Basically I use GetLastError() to capture an exception, and then gets logged to a database.  The page then redirects.

This is the code I have added to the global.asax file

 void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e)
            using (StoreDataContext Data = new StoreDataContext())
                Exception ExceptionToLog = Server.GetLastError();
                Error NewError = new Error();
                NewError.ErrorMessage = ExceptionToLog.Message;
                NewError.ErrorStackTrace = ExceptionToLog.StackTrace;
                NewError.ErrorURL = Request.Url.ToString();
                NewError.ErrorDate = DateTime.Now;

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This appears to working fine, but I'd to know if its possible to capture more information?  I have this information but I don't know how to pass it?

I did look at throwing a new exception, as this appears to give the ability to pass a string message as well as an exception, but this didn't seem to work.

Any suggestions?
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Jerry Miller
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I will generally wrap blocks in the methods on my pages as well. This is where you can log a lot more details. I have an InsertLogEvent method that controls the database insert.

           ....your code here.........
        Catch ex As Exception
            commonFunctions.insertLogEvents(LOG_EVENT_ERROR, ex.ToString())
        End Try
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