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Upgrade XenApp 6 to 6.5

Please advise on upgrading XenApp 6 to 6.5:

There is no test-environment so I need to know if this works ok.
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Well, it wouldn't be posted had it not been tested and deemed functioning fine by Citrix.

However, every environment is unique - and where it worked with no glitches is no guarantee that it would in other places. In other words you should be ready for any glitches or issues that might occur and take measures to overcome them. The ideal thing is to have a test environment; which unfortunately you don't have.
works, but migrates a server only as "worker"
XenApp 6.5 use controller and worker roles.
The first serevr must be a controller, so you have to uninstall 6.0, install and configure the  first server and the database and the farm manualy.
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I was hoping for a step-by-step screenshotted manual ....
Fair enough.