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Convert timestamp text field to short date

I am pulling a field from an external data source that contains time stamp data stored in a text format field.

2017-05-15 00:00:00.0000000

I need to format this into a short date to run some date comparisons (e.g.; this date is greater than today's date).  

Using the "mid" and "left" functions I was able to extract the date into the date format I needed (e.g.; 05/15/17).  I then applied the "format" function in hopes it would bind this data as a short date format.  

Format((Mid([SESSIONDEFAULTSTART],6,2) & "/" & Mid([SESSIONDEFAULTSTART],9,2) & "/" & Left([SESSIONDEFAULTSTART],4)),"Short Date")

The function returns the correct appearance of short date format, but it doesn't seem to be an actual "short date" because when I order the column it is only sorting by month.  Or if I compare it against Date() it doesn't seem to be comparing two dates.

Thanks for your help.
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